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Welcome to Saudi company for general contracting, supplies and maintenance contracts

We are honored to be the Saudi company for general contracting, supplies and maintenance contracts

By offering cooperation and full readiness to serve you in all maintenance, finishes, decorations and supplies, which is a pioneer and specialized in the field of maintenance and operation, we offer you the necessary means to carry out rehabilitation, restoration and modification operations on all types of commercial, administrative and residential units in record time and provide periodic maintenance contracts

We believe that providing full rights to customers is the secret of the excellence of the company

Experience confirms that training and good selection are the future.

Full compatibility and cooperation with customers are the principles of the company.

Honesty and credibility in business are the cornerstones of success.

Establishment of the company

Since the establishment of Saudi General Contracting Company in 2006, the company has been able to create values and concepts in the field of contracting and project management, and over the past period has taken many bold steps, and invested in many areas of business. Modern thinking, creativity and innovation are among the most important foundations on which the company has been built since the beginning of the growth and prosperity of the real estate, commercial and retail investment sector in Egypt . Saudia General Contracting Company is progressing step by step to become one of the most valuable companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as defined in its vision that the basic principle governing the business of Saudia Company Is "Strength Through Diversity", which is the common denominator that enables us to consistently adhere to our promise to our customers and employees.
As a joint stock company with diversified investments, our strength is the result of the ever-expanding scope of our real estate activities, which we manage through the field of contracting, supported by long financial, administrative and operational experience. Over the past sixteen years, we have sought to take bold steps towards unprecedented expansion and today we clearly see the fruits of our professional efforts, as we have transformed from a small investment company to a large company specialized in many real estate fields and specialized services to become a Saudi example to follow among its counterparts from real estate investment companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
We envision to lead the industry by providing reliable solutions for all the needs of commercial, administrative and residential units under the umbrella of the Saudi company
We at Saudia make before our eyes a future vision that we strive to achieve according to the capabilities we have and our vision to be one of the leading investment companies with a tangible presence in Egypt and to become a major force in the real estate investment and development sector. Our mission and mission is to create continuous growth and achieve excellent profits for our shareholders and customers.to achieve this, we invest in the best real estate competencies by employing the best human elements, using the latest technology and adopting the best working methods in order to achieve our vision and goals, and customers and their aspirations will remain at the forefront of our strategies.
The existing management structure is one of the factors of success of the Saudi company in achieving its mission. The company established the company management office in 2006 and formed a strong management team to manage the company projects in Egypt and the group divided its business into sectors according to its activities.
The Saudi General Contracting Company was established since 2006 and it was an individual company with the March of progress and development.our activity was expanded from the beginning with limited activity, and in line from an individual company with limited activity to a real estate company with a wide activity, thanks to Allah Almighty and his good luck to us... We have benefited from the accumulation of our experience in the field of contracting and project management to include the modernization of all fields and levels, taking advantage of the era of technology and its great development